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Weddings at Tiffany's is one of the prettiest chapel I have seen around the Sunshine Coast. The view from the window inside is simply amazing. One of my favourite locations for wedding photos in Maleny is One Tree hill. It is the most photographed paddock on the Sunshine Coast, particularly when it comes to Maleny wedding photography. This location offers the best vantage point for capturing the remarkable Glass House Mountains, which are an incredible backdrop for wedding photos.

The Glass House Mountains are a cluster of steep hills that rise dramatically from the Sunshine Coast’s tableland. When Captain James Cook discovered them in 1770 he penned the following description in his journal, 

“These hills lie but a little way inland, and not far from each other: they are remarkable for the singular form of their elevation, which very much resembles a glass house, and for this reason they are called them Glass Houses.” 

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And so they were aptly named The Glass House Mountains, and have come to be one of the most iconic views associated with the Sunshine Coast region. One Tree Hill offers the best unobstructed views of the Glass House Mountains anywhere on the Sunshine Coast. It’s also a fantastic location for romantic sunset photos due to its position in relation to the sun. No matter what the season, One Tree Hill always looks amazing; even when the valley is shrouded in fog it still looks magical. Due to the popularity of One Tree Hill there can be a number of weddings using the paddock at the same time, however, the paddock is so large it can accommodate an influx of wedding parties hoping to utilise its amazing backdrop. There is also a paddock opposite One Tree Hill that offers beautiful scenery and can be used if needed.

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The paddock that One Tree Hill sits atop is on private property. A donation of $50, which goes to Maleny Hospital, Men’s Shed, and the Historical Society, is required to use the paddock, and needs to be paid prior to accessing the property. Mrs Woods, the property’s owner, is a delightful lady and is always more than happy to accommodate newlyweds who are looking for stunning wedding photos.

Mrs Woods – 07 5494 2115 (One Tree Hill) – Mountain View Road, Maleny

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