Best wedding flowers by season in Australia

Selecting your   wedding   flowers   it’s   not   only   about   finding   blooms that match your wedding dress and the overall wedding theme

but it’s also important to know if they’re available when your wedding day comes around.
While certain flowers such as roses are available all year round, most other flowers are only available during particular months and seasons.

To help you better understand which flowers are available in the month of your wedding, here are the Best wedding flowers by season in Australia.


SUMMER ( December to February )

Hydrangeas –  Simple & delicate,  if you’re after a ‘something blue’ on your bridal bouquet, a great florist can make this bloom definitely shine.

Lotus Flowers –  Available only in January, with it white, yellow and pink colour it could look very beautiful on your bouquet

Kangaroo Paw – With a wide range of colours this Australian Native flower can provide you with so much choice.

Zinnias – If you are after very bright colour flowers, this could be the best option for your summer bouquets




AUTUMN ( March to May )

Gardenias  – Soft & Romantic, These gorgeous white flowers look really good especially surrounded by lots of green foliage

Magnolias – For a gentle and elegant look you can pick up just one magnolia flower with leaves for a bridal bouquet, as these flowers tend to be pretty expensive

David Austin Roses – These flowers smell so good and they are so beautiful. Their colour can vary from light soft pink to deep burgundy, that means that you can definitely find the right one for your wedding.



WINTER ( June to August )


Oriental Lilies – This flower is generally white or pink. Originally recorded in Greek Mythology,  the lily was the flower of Aphrodite, the Goddess of love

Lavender – If you are after something purple, I mean you cannot go wrong with Lavender.

Hyacinths – With their star-shaped blooms and a variety of rich colours, these flowers can be a great addition to your wedding theme.




SPRING ( September to November )


Blossoms – You definitely know that you spring has arrived once you see these gorgeous pink flowers come out!

Peonies – One of the most popular choice for the bridal bouquet, these large bulbous shape flowers are a must-have if you are getting married in Spring.

Orchids – These delicate flowers can definitely stand out in your wedding decorations or your bouquet



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