Top 5 tips to choose your perfect wedding venue

So you have decided to get married and are you starting to look for the  perfect venue for the best day of your life?

The place that will host your wedding plays a fundamental role, so it is necessary to evaluate every single detail clearly! There are some very important elements to choose the perfect wedding venue. Here are 5 simple questions that you must ask yourself right away to avoid mistakes:

  • Is the wedding venue in line with the theme or style of the wedding?
  • Is the cost within our budget?
  • Is it too far?
  • Is there availability for our day?
  • Do you have a decent backup plan in case of rain?


The points in detail

The first point is very important to maintain consistency with the style of your wedding. So, if you have in mind a shabby or country chic style it will be better to opt for a farmhouse maintaining a rustic style. Consequently, for an elegant wedding you may opt for a classic villa,  a grand hotel, while for more industrial  or metropolitan themes  we recommend lofts, recovered warehouses, theatres and terraces.

The  second point that will allow you to choose your venue is your budget available. There are venues that require very high rental costs and others that include the cost within a menu, it all depends on how much you can invest. Attention, not always the highest rents are synonymous of quality or reliability, it can happen that the price goes up if the location is very famous or simply very busy.

Another important element: the distance. The advice is to choose places within 30-45 minutes from the place of the ceremony, guests do not like to travel a long way especially on the way back due to tiredness and maybe a few too many drinks.


We arrive at availability . Very often, due to this point, you will be forced to overturn your plans or even choose another date. If you don’t want, for nothing in the world, to give up your decision you could consider the possibility of a midweek date, many venues offer the same packages and lower rental prices for weekdays weddings.

At this point comes in the fifth point , what by now has taken the name:  The Plan B . Have you chosen a beautiful place , in a park with squirrels and fawns that run happily? And the ceremony will be in a garden with cascades of flowers, and will the wedding cake be cut along an infinity pool lit by a thousand floating candles? Well, the question that you will have to ask yourself is this: in case of rain the interiors or the alternative solutions are up to those proposed in case of good weather?

I leave you some questions to ask the coordinators of your preferred venues. They can help you have everything under control and not have any last-minute surprises.

Questions related to budget:

  • What is the payment schedule and how much is the advance payment required to block the date?
  • The cost which services and / or fittings includes?
  • What services are excluded?
  • What is the last date to make changes?
  • In case of cancellation or postponement of the event how do you proceed?
  • Do you have a catering or can we select it from our favourites?
  • Is the menu printed included?

And as for the wedding day:

  • Do you have any set-up restrictions?
  • Do you have schedules to respect music and guests?
  • Is a toilet facility provided?
  • Do you have a suite / room for the bride?
  • Possibility of overnight stay for some guests and spouses?
  • How many cars can the parking space hold?
  • Do you have a parking attendant?
  • Do you already have a support audio system for musicians?
  • Are there any limitations on the volume of the music?
  • What time is it possible to get the various suppliers in?
  • The name of the person who will follow us during the organisational phase?
  • The name of the manager who will follow us during the reception?

These may seem like obvious questions but I assure you that, very often, even a single piece of information that is not clarified during the contract can raise unpleasant questions during the most beautiful day.

I hope this article was useful for choosing the location of your dreams!


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