I absolutely love meeting my couple’s families on the wedding day! Family formals are normally my first interaction with them and so we love to have a game plan for this part of the day!

 Six weeks before the wedding, you’ll receive a questionnaire from me that will ask you to list out the family formals you want us to capture.

Here is a sample family formal list to help you start preparing what shots you need. We do have to limit the family formal time in order to ensure that we have plenty of daylight for your romantic portraits. However, any large family group shots that we don’t accomplish during family formals, we can be sure to capture at the reception!

  • B&G with Bride’s Immediate
  • Family (Parents, Siblings, Grandparents, Nieces, Nephews)
  • B&G with Bride’s Parents
  • B&G with Bride’s Siblings
  • Bride with her Parents
  • Bride with Mum, Bride with Dad
  • B&G with Bride’s Grandparents
  • B&G with both sets of Parents
  • B&G with Groom’s Immediate Family(Parents, Siblings, Grandparents, Nieces, Nephews)
  • B&G with Groom’s Parents
  • B&G with Groom’s Siblings
  • Groom with his parents
  • Groom with Mum, Groom with Dad
  • B&G with Groom’s Grandparents
  • B&G with all family members if time allows
  • B&G with all wedding guest

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