How to Handle Wedding Planning Stress

The stress experienced as an important day approaches is a perfectly normal phenomenon and can be caused by a mix of excitement and anxiety

When you feel that things are starting to get out of hand, stress may turn into distress.

Organizing the big day is “not a walk at the park” and there are many variables to consider:  the choice of the wedding dress, the preparation of the wedding invitations and their delivery to the guests, the latest unexpected expenses and so on.

Here a few simple tips that will teach you to manage wedding planning stress & anxiety.

 1- Rely on industry experts

The first advice is to rely on industry experts who will support you in organizing the event and to whom you can delegate most of the logistics, keeping only the most beautiful and least stressful part for you!

Sharing your concerns with someone, perhaps exposing them, listing them and dismantling them one by one, can be a more than valid way to lighten you, taking a real weight off your shoulders.

Married couple walking down the aisle at Hillstone St Lucia, Brisbane

2 Take a relaxing break

It can be extremely useful to unplug even for a weekend, taking some time for yourself and relax, stopping to think about the long-awaited day. Taking care of yourself allows you to face life with greater awareness and serenity, especially in a moment as fundamental as your wedding day.


3 Cultivate the couple

To regain the harmony of the couple, you can organize activities to be carried out together with your partner, simply to feel good both of you and recreate an atmosphere of shared tranquillity.

4 “Half full glass”

Stop thinking about what could go wrong, and instead start imagining everything that can bring you joy on your wedding day. By thinking positively you will be able to fight the stress that is able to suck up the vital energies and make you lose sight of the central objective.

5 Eat healthy and exercise

Don’t forget to exercise and to follow a balanced diet. Several studies have shown how much movement has a positive effect on psycho-physical well-being and helps to cope with wedding planning.


6 Rest

Finally, the last tip is to not overdo it, remembering to rest when you feel the need and sleep at least 8 hours a night, without continuing to mull over all that still remains to be organized. In fact, if you rest badly or not sufficiently, your daily life can suffer a lot by preventing you from doing what you have set yourself.

These are few but useful tips to help you to handle the wedding planning stress, of which little is said but it can create great inconveniences especially as regards the couple’s harmony.

Remember that your wedding day is a special day, to be lived with joy!  However, you must always keep in mind that stress, both premarital and of any other kind, must be tamed in a positive way, without becoming victims and letting yourself be dominated.

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