The expectation of a child is one of the most magical periods of a woman’s life and is characterised by an emotional rollercoaster wherein you fall in-love with a tiny person before you even meet them. People often say that pregnant women have a special glow about them, and perhaps this is why maternity photos are popular as a way of documenting this special period of excitement and anticipation.

Let’s take a look at 5 tips pregnant women can use to help prepare for and get the most out of their maternity photos.

1: Pick the right time

It’s generally recommended to book your photoshoot between 31 and 36 weeks of pregnancy as this is considered to be the time when your belly is at its roundest and most pleasing shape. You will be capturing a totally transformed version of yourself that will be interesting to reflect on after you have given birth.

After around 36 weeks many women report feeling too uncomfortable and bloated to do the photoshoot, so it’s best not to take your chances and do it before then. It also helps give you more time to customise how you want the photos to take place.


2: Discuss your individual preferences with the photographer

It’s always smart to be open and honest with your photographer about your idea for photos, props, locations, poses, arrangements and backdrops. While the photographer has a lot of experience to draw from and will likely make good suggestions, remember that the choice is yours and that you should go with whatever is most meaningful to you rather than what is popular amongst other mothers.

If you have a collection of portrait examples, don’t hesitate to bring them along so that your photographer can help translate them into reality. There’s no shame in borrowing ideas from other photoshoots, as the final result will be uniquely yours regardless.

3: Clothing considerations

Garments that stretch can leave marks around your belly which won’t look very flattering in your maternity photos. Try to avoid wearing clothes with elastic bands for at least 2 hours prior to the photoshoot to allow any marks to fade away.

This includes many maternity clothes that are designed to expand and hug your transforming body. This is especially important if you are taking nude or semi-nude photos as you can end up with marks you didn’t notice until you stripped down.

4: Be prepared for your body to be photographed

Your body will go through a serious transformation during pregnancy and it’s not uncommon for marks to appear on your body. The photographer will know what angles to shoot you from so that any marks can be downplayed or made invisible.

If you have any specific marks, like birthmarks or a tattoo that you want covered up, then don’t hesitate to talk with your photographer. They will be able to use your clothing, lighting or a prop to hide this.

5: Involve your family and have fun

It’s always fun to bring your husband or any older children along to the photoshoot. If everyone is getting photographed, arrange to have older children shot first so that they can go be taken home once they start getting bored.

It’s great to have older children show their love for the unborn sibling and to have the father paired in some of your photos. Remember to let go and enjoy the moment, and your photos will be a sincere reflection of your pregnancy journey.

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