Fine Art Wedding Albums

Today more and more customers give vital importance to digital files, and often only require the delivery of the photos on a USB or DVD. This is because you think the immediate.

I well remember the floppy disk, and even better music cassettes, I still have some at home, but all of these objects now become more “unreadable” and it will be less and less as the time pass. Why? Because electronic devices that used to read those formats are disappearing, and the media has been abandoned and replaced by something newer and large, a bit like the VHS which has given way before the DVD and now to Blu-ray media that with the passage the years will become objects that have no content. they will become just empty boxes. Exactly. Empty boxes.
It is very sad to realize that the vast majority of photographs taken today will never be printed. To me, there is only one way you can truly view a photograph and that is with a print. A photographic print has a special beauty, has a soul, expresses emotions, something that a digital file will never be able to return.

Today photography has become synonymous with social media (just think about “selfies” ), it seems that everyone thinks only to upload their photos on facebook allowing strangers to look into our lives.

Although today may seem like just a collection of photos, a photo albums over the years become the guardian of memories, a real-time machine, capable of bringing you into the past, able to make you relive emotions, give you a laugh or a tear. The prints in an album are an important part of the history of a family, something that will be looked at and commented even decades after the time the photos were taken.

The photo album is a book, sometimes it gets dusty and it is often heavy, but certainly it is there, and it is yours forever, does not need a battery or a DVD player, it takes no time to leaf through it, and above all a book resists more than any other media invented to date by human.

Handmade in Italy

Each album is custom designed to tell your unique story. Printed on beautiful fine art paper and hand-bound, they are in my opinion the best way to remember your wedding.

Custom designed by me they tell your story wonderfully. One day it may be the only thing you have left from your wedding day and your kids will be forever grateful.


Fine Art Gold Coast Wedding Album

Fine Art Gold Coast Wedding Album

Fine Art Gold Coast Wedding Album

Fine Art Gold Coast Wedding Album

Fine Art Gold Coast Wedding Album


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