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Today more and more customers give vital importance to digital files, and often only require the delivery of the photos on a USB or DVD. This is because you think the immediate.

I well remember the floppy disk, and even better music cassettes, I still have some at home, but all of these objects now become more “unreadable” and it will be less and less as time pass. Why? Because electronic devices that used to read those formats are disappearing, and the media has been abandoned and replaced by something newer and large, a bit like the VHS which has given way before the DVD and now to Blu-ray media that with the years will become objects that have no content. they will become just empty boxes. Exactly. Empty boxes.

It is very sad to realize that the vast majority of photographs taken today will never be printed. To me, there is only one way you can truly view a photograph and that is with a print.

A photographic print has a special beauty, has a soul, expresses emotions, something that a digital file will never be able to return.
Today photography has become synonymous with social media (just think about “selfies” ), it seems that everyone thinks only to upload their photos on facebook allowing strangers to look into our lives.

Although today may seem like just a collection of photos, a photo albums over the years become the guardian of memories, a real time machine, capable of bringing you into the past, able to make you relive emotions, give you a laugh or a tear. The prints in an album are an important part of the history of a family, something that will be looked at and commented even decades after the time the photos were taken.

The photo album is a book, sometimes it gets dusty and it is often heavy, but certainly it is there, and it is yours forever, does not need a battery or a dvd player, it takes no time to leaf through it, and above all a book resists more than any other media invented to date by human.


I offer three different album styles, Classic, Fine Art and Signature


This album features a photo cover paper that can be customized with either one horizontal wrapping image or two vertical images with a spine that includes the names in the middle. Please see Samples Below

Made in USA


Our Fine Art Album boasts a clean design and offers infinite color combinations. Choose from luxurious materials such as leather, linen, suede, wood, and more to create a unique and personalized album that matches your style. With layflat pages, your photos will be beautifully showcased across panoramic spreads. Our stunning personalization options ensure that your album is the perfect bundle book & box for your cherished memories.

Made in ITALY


I am proud to offer a range of different covers from linen to suede, leathers etc… – Album covers are only available for my Fine Art and Signature Albums


available for both the Fine Art Album & the Signature Album

Italian half grain bovine leather featuring a durable matte finish offered in a large selection of colour tones that age beautifully. This material is the perfect choice for all those applications that require versatility and natural quality.

Leather Distressed

Only available for the Signature Album

Full grain Italian bovine leather, treated with aniline, to ensure resistance to wear and enhance the character and craftsmanship of the distressed finish.


Only available for the Signature Album

Extremely high quality, and beautiful, aniline treated Italian nubuck cow leather that has a distinct vintage effect obtained through a special hand-finishing process. Its softness and warm tones is the highest expression of classic vintage elegance.


available for both the Fine Art Album & the Signature Album

The Maple is a 100% viscose material that enhances the intensity of the vivid colours. The life-like wood grain reproduced on the surface is easy to clean and resistant to wear.

Cotton Fabric

Only available for the Signature Album

Woven weave fabric In natural fibre 80% cotton and 20% linen, extremely resistant to wear and tear while pleasantly smooth to the touch. The contemporary style is further enhanced by the wide range of shades ranging from warm and natural tones to full and rich colours made deep by tenuous melange effects.

Linen Fabric

available for both the Fine Art Album & the Signature Album

Natural, 70% linen and 30% cotton fabric with a compact texture. Selected after careful researches, it offers high resistance to wear combined with perfect adherence even on the round lines of the covers. Available in a wide colour palette of warm and natural tones.


available for both the Fine Art Album & the Signature Album

Extraordinarily soft microfibre material, produced with advanced textile techniques, gives it the distinct texture and enhanced colours. The polyester spun material is resistant to wear, very easy to clean and is water repellent.

Wood Fibre

available for both the Fine Art Album & the Signature Album

This extremely mouldable material, obtained from a mixture of cellulose and wood pulp, perfectly combines the natural look with durability and the lightweight offered by synthetic materials.


available for both the Fine Art Album & the Signature Album

Produced in fine shiny satin, the ribbon is elegantly finished with a swallowtail and is available in a wide range of colours that perfectly complete the tones of the book and box.



Finish your album cover with your name and wedding date or the wedding venue celebrating your incredible wedding day with the final touch. Did you have designed a Monogram or Logo that was used on your stationery? If so, we can use that custom design to be placed on your album’s cover by using a Raised Foil effect. My goal is to create an album that you will love forever


Available in two fonts and two sizes. Example shows Times New Roman.


Available in a wide range of fonts and styles


Available in two fonts and two sizes, with two foil colours. ( SILVER or GOLD ). Example shows Helvetica Neue.


The raised foil can be applied as a pattern or text on covers and boxes.Available in Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Red, Blue & Turquoise.


Available in any colour in a wide range of fonts


Available in a wide range of fonts & colours



View Full Wedding and Engagement Album Layouts

Each photograph within your album is placed in a location to tell your story from your celebration.



Steps involved when ordering your Album

Approximately 4-6 weeks after your wedding date your will receive your full wedding gallery where you will be able to choose the photos that you would lie to include in your wedding album.

After the selection is completed we will arrange a date for the album meeting. This can be either at my studio, at your place or via Skype. At the meeting we will go through the album design together and make any changes like swapping around photos or adding/deleting pages.

Once the meeting is completed and the album design is approved by you and your partner I will then send the files to my incredible LAB in Italy to have the album handmade.

Approximately 5-6 weeks later, the album will arrive at my studio and then delivered to your place.



How long does it take to make our album?

Once your album is in the hands of the Lab in Italy, it takes 6 to 8 weeks to be made, shipped, and handed to you. Over Christmas, it’s a bit longer as labs shut for the holiday festivities.

Can we make changes to our album?

Absolutely, I first send you an email with the full gallery with instructions for you to select your favourite photos, then I create an album for your reveal at our meeting. After this, you can make revisions to that album, or we can start fresh. Most clients love the first edition I make as it includes all the images selected by you.

Do we have to buy an album from you?

No. There is no pressure from me for you to buy an album. but all my collections do include an album. Most people find it very hard NOT to buy an album once they hold one in their hands and realize its importance. But if you wish not to have an album in your collection, that is okay.

What covers do you offer?

I do offer different materials from Photo Covers to Suede, Leather and much more. You can check more about the covers HERE

Does my album come in a display box?

Yes Fine Art Albums come in a stunning display box with a material of your choice. Classic albums comes only with White Paper Box