9 Wedding Dress Trends for 2024

That’ll Make You Say “I Do”
Are you getting married in 2024?

If you are, you might be wondering about the latest styles in wedding dresses and bridal gowns that can make you look absolutely stunning on your special day. Well, you’re in luck because we’ve put together a list of 9 wedding dress trends for 2024. Whether you’re into classic, modern, romantic, or adventurous styles, we’ve got something for everyone. Keep reading to find out more!

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What Are Wedding Gowns and Bridal Dresses?

Before we get into the trends, let’s clear up what we mean by wedding gowns and bridal dresses.

A wedding gown is a fancy dress that a bride wears during the wedding ceremony. It typically has a long train, a veil, and intricate details like lace, embroidery, or beadwork.

On the other hand, a bridal dress is a more relaxed outfit that a bride wears during the reception or other wedding-related activities. It can be shorter, simpler, or even more colourful compared to the wedding gown.
Some brides often choose to wear just one dress for the entire wedding, while others go for two or more dresses to change their look throughout the day.

Of course there’s no right or wrong way to pick your wedding attire, as long as it reflects your personality and what you like.

What to wear to a wedding in 2024?

9 Wedding Dress Trends for 2024

Now that we’ve explained these terms, let’s check out the 9 wedding dress trends for 2024 that will make you fall in love with your dress all over again.

Black Wedding Gowns

Who says you have to wear white on your wedding day? If you’re feeling bold and daring, why not consider a black wedding gown? Black is a timeless and elegant color that can make a strong statement. It can also create a striking contrast with your bouquet, accessories, and venue.

Black wedding gowns are not entirely new, but they are gaining popularity among brides who want to stand out. Some notable designers embracing this trend include Vera Wang, Monique Lhuillier, and Ines Di Santo[^1^]. You can choose from various styles like ball gowns, mermaid gowns, or sheath gowns, depending on your body type and personal preference.

Wedding Dresses with Striking Sleeves

Another trend that can make your wedding dress unforgettable is statement sleeves. Sleeves can add drama, romance, or whimsy to your look, depending on their design and fabric. You have options like puffy sleeves, bell sleeves, balloon sleeves, or cape sleeves[^2^]. You can also opt for sheer sleeves, lace sleeves, or embroidered sleeves for a delicate touch.

Statement sleeves can complement any neckline and silhouette, as long as they are well-balanced and proportionate. They can also help you transition from the ceremony to the reception by adding or removing them as needed.

Bridal Suits

If dresses aren’t your thing, don’t worry; you can still shine on your wedding day with a bridal suit. A bridal suit comprises a tailored jacket and pants or a skirt. These suits come in various materials like satin, velvet, or tweed[^3^]. They also offer a range of colors, from white and ivory to blush or even metallic shades.

Bridal suits are perfect for brides who want to express their confidence and style. They are also a great choice for outdoor weddings, destination weddings, or elopements. Accessorize your bridal suit with a hat, a veil, or some jewelry to complete your look.

Short Wedding Dresses

If you’re searching for a fun and playful wedding dress, consider a short one. A short wedding dress is any dress that falls above the knee[^4^]. You can find fitted or flared styles, simple or embellished designs, and different necklines and sleeves to match your taste.

Short wedding dresses are great for brides who want to flaunt their legs and shoes. They are also practical for dancing, walking, or traveling. You can wear a short wedding dress throughout the event or just for the reception or after-party.

Wedding Dresses with Capes

For those who dream of feeling like a superhero on their wedding day, a wedding dress with a cape might be the perfect choice. Capes are long pieces of fabric attached to the shoulders or back of the dress[^5^]. They can be made of tulle, chiffon, silk, or lace and come in various lengths and shapes to create different effects.

Wedding dresses with capes are ideal for brides seeking drama and movement in their look. They can also provide coverage and warmth in colder or windy weather. You can wear a cape for the ceremony or the photoshoot and then remove it for the reception or the dance floor.

Pastel and Floral Wedding Dresses

For a soft and sweet wedding dress, consider choosing one in a pastel or floral pattern. Pastel wedding dresses come in light, delicate colors like pink, blue, lavender, or mint[^6^]. Floral wedding dresses feature floral patterns, prints, or appliques and can be crafted from fabrics like organza, taffeta, or crepe.

Pastel and floral wedding dresses suit brides aiming to embrace their femininity and charm. They’re especially fitting for spring and summer weddings when they match the season and the theme. Pair your pastel or floral wedding dress with fresh flowers, pearls, or crystals to enhance your look.

Wedding Dresses with Pockets

One of the most practical and trendy features for wedding dresses is pockets. These are openings or pouches sewn into the sides or front of the dress[^7^]. Pockets can be hidden or visible, depending on the design and fabric. They also come in various sizes and shapes to accommodate different items.

Wedding dresses with pockets are perfect for brides who want convenience and comfort on their big day. You can use the pockets to carry your phone, keys, lipstick, tissues, or anything else you might need. They can also be great for posing in casual, cute photos.

Wedding Dresses with Cutouts

If you’re inclined to show some skin on your wedding day, consider a dress with cutouts. Cutouts are openings or gaps cut into the fabric of the dress[^8^]. They can appear on the waist, back, sides, or shoulders of the dress and come in various shapes and sizes for different levels of exposure.

Wedding dresses with cutouts are ideal for brides looking to add some edge and allure to their look. They can also help you stay cool and comfortable in warmer weather. Choose a dress with cutouts that flatter your figure and match your personality.

Wedding Dresses with Feathers

For added texture and flair in your wedding dress, feathers can be an enticing choice. Feathers mimic the plumage of birds and can be natural or synthetic[^9^]. They can be attached to the hem, bodice, sleeves, or train of the dress in different colors, lengths, and densities for various effects.

Wedding dresses with feathers are perfect for brides who want to inject some fun and glamour into their special day. They can make you feel like a star on the red carpet. You can wear a feathered wedding dress throughout the event or reserve it for the reception or after-party.

How to Pick Your Wedding Dress or Bridal Gown

Now that you’re aware of the 9 wedding gown and bridal dress trends in 2024, you might be wondering how to select the perfect wedding gown or bridal dress for yourself. Here are some tips to help you make your decision:

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  • Consider Your Budget: Before you start shopping for your wedding gown or bridal dress, determine how much you can comfortably spend. This will help you narrow down your choices and prevent overspending.
  • Think About Your Venue: The location and style of your wedding venue can impact your choice of wedding gown or bridal dress. For instance, if you’re having a beach wedding, opt for a light and breezy dress that won’t drag in the sand. For a formal ballroom wedding, go for a more intricate and elegant dress to match the setting.
  • Know Your Body Type: Your wedding gown or bridal dress should complement your body type. Select a silhouette, neckline, and length that accentuate your best features and hide any imperfections. Try on different styles and sizes until you find one that makes you feel comfortable and confident.
  • Reflect Your Personality: Your wedding attire should reflect your unique personality and style. Choose a color, fabric, and detailing that align with your taste and preferences. Ultimately, go for a dress that brings joy and confidence on your big day.


Here are some frequently asked questions about wedding gowns and bridal dresses:

It’s advisable to purchase your wedding gown or bridal dress at least six months before your wedding date. This allows ample time for finding your dream dress, placing an order, receiving it, and making any necessary alterations.

Store your dress in a breathable and dust-proof garment bag. Hang it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat. Avoid folding or wrinkling as much as possible. When transporting, use a sturdy and spacious garment bag or box. Check with your transportation provider regarding their policies for wedding attire.

Have your dress professionally cleaned as soon as possible after your wedding. Choose a dry cleaner experienced with wedding attire and inform them about any stains or special fabrics. Avoid washing or ironing the dress at home. To preserve it, wrap it in acid-free tissue paper and place it in a sealed and labeled acid-free box. Store it in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat. Periodically check and refresh the tissue paper and box if necessary.

Yes, you can rent or borrow a wedding gown or bridal dress to save money, time, or space. However, be aware of the pros and cons. You’ll have a variety of styles and sizes to choose from, and you won’t need to worry about cleaning or storage. However, you might not find your exact fit or style, and additional fees could apply for damages or alterations. You may miss the sentimental value of owning the dress.

Absolutely, you can sell or donate your wedding gown or bridal dress to make money, clear space, or help others. Consider the advantages and disadvantages. Selling can help recover some costs, create closet space, and bring joy to another bride. However, you might regret parting with the dress, deal with unreliable buyers or sellers, or not achieve your desired price.

Accessorizing your wedding attire is fun and can be done with various items like shoes, jewelry, hair accessories, veils, belts, gloves, jackets, or wraps. Ensure your accessories complement the dress in terms of style, color, and fabric. Keep in mind your personality, theme, and season. Avoid overloading or under-accessorizing to maintain a balanced look.

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