It’s always a little intimidating to have your picture taken .... even if it’s just a photo on an iphone that is taken by a friend, we still want to look nice, make sure nothing is in our teeth and that our hair is behaving!  I realize that preparing for your engagement session can be a little overwhelming.  Here are some tips for outfits and accessories that will make the e-shoot preparation a little more managable! 

Engagement sessions are a chance for us to capture the moments that tell your story and illustrate the love you share. They allow us to connect with you prior to your wedding, practice in front of the camera and to share the experience of being photographed together in advance of your wedding day. Engagement sessions help you feel more comfortable on your big day, making your wedding photographs even more successful.

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Our sessions encompass up to two hours on location and start two to three hours before sunset, depending on the location.

Remember, these sessions are exploratory. Take a moment and ask yourselves what feels most authentic to you. Our only limitations are our own imaginations! Be creative, explore and we’ll create something beautiful together.


Make it personal. Choose a location that is unique and special to you; somewhere that stirs fond memories or inspires wanderlust. No location is too far, no adventure too great. Think outside the box and challenge your imagination. We love fresh, new ideas and are happy to rendezvous somewhere off the beaten path in order to create beautiful memories for you.

Our most inspiring engagement sessions happen in places of natural or urban beauty. Each locale tells a story or has special meaning for the couple. Not sure what is right for you? We’d love to share recommendations.



- Locations that tell a story or have special meaning
- Natural beauty and the timelessness of breathtaking landscapes
- Exotic or destination locations


One of the first questions couples ask their photographers is “What should we wear?” Keep in mind that many photographers aren’t stylists. Stylists are a wonderful resource that you can collaborate with to come up with the perfect wardrobe for your shoot. Besides looking through inspiration on blogs and photographer’s websites, Pinterest (you can tell I love Pinterest!) is also an amazing resource, and you can get lots of inspirational images by typing in search words like ‘engagement outfits’ or ‘What to wear for an engagement.’ Shooting in a few different outfits allows you to have lots of options when buying/framing prints for your walls or lots of visual interest when creating an album of your session afterwards. But most importantly, make sure your clothes represent who you are.



- Two to three coordinated looks

- Refined casual, classic chic, metropolitan dressy, timeless formal Accessories


3- engagement props

Adding props into your engagement photos can be a fun way to provide some personal insight into a relationship. When used simply, and in moderation, props can add an engaging element to your shoot through additional storytelling and thematic cohesion. Think of props as an element of design used to bring the shoot together, by tying together a theme and/or complimenting the story of your love. Your photographer or wedding blogs are often a great resource to direct you to prop rental companies. There are different types of props that can be used during an engagement photography shoot. Personal props generally have special significance (like a family heirloom) or reflect the couple’s lives together, like a vintage car or Vespa scooter. Creative or cute props are used with the intention of adding whimsy and flair to the shoot. For instance, a large colorful balloon or handmade banner adds a pop of color and a graphic element. Finally, location-based props, like a rowboat on a lake, come with your chosen location.


-Location-appropriate props

-Boats, cars or animals

-Custom props


Hair and makeup is just as important as your fashion choices.

Your engagement session is a wonderful opportunity to schedule a trial session with a hair and makeup artist in advance of your wedding day.

Having your hair and makeup professionally done for your engagement session is a great way to see how you will photograph in professional images


If you’re a bride that is a little anxious about how your groom is going to react to this whole “picture” thing, you’re not alone.  I receive so many emails from brides who are worried that their groom won’t be into it and I have great news for you.... you both are more photogenic than you think!  We are constantly surprising couples by discovering their hidden modeling skills and our most common response from our MC Grooms is “That wasn’t as bad as I thought! It was actually fun.”.  Boom! Mission accomplished!  

When the groom says that taking pictures was FUN, I have done my job well!  

Your engagement session is supposed to be fun and relaxed and not forced or awkward.  As you prepare for your shoot, there are a few things that you can do to help your groom know what to expect.  First of all, I highly recommend sitting down with your guy and showing him 2-3 of your favorite engagement sessions that I have photographed.  Spend some time together scrolling through a few blog posts, this will allow him to gauge what his expectations should be.  I also recommend that you allow for plenty of time to get to your shoot! There is nothing worse than when a couple shows up late and they have been arguing in the car! That is definitely going to put your groom in a bad mood! Last but not least, remember to have patience with him and don’t assume that he’s not going to have a good time... I think you’ll be surprised how much you will both enjoy your session with me! 

Turnaround Time

2-3 weeks. You will be able to view your photographs in an online gallery.

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