Kooroomba Vineyard Wedding

Jasmine & Kurtis

Tell me how you first met.  We met at a metal music gig at the Valley which is very out of character for us. Jasmine was dragged there by work friends and Kurt’s oldest brother was in a band playing at the venue.

When did you know he/she was the one ?

J – There was no one moment, he just became a part of my life over time. When we met he was a stranger and now I can’t imagine life without him. 

K – I woke up one day and just knew. I could see a future with her and was excited for our life together. 

Tell me about the proposal. 

I knew all about the proposal – we had picked out the ring together a year earlier and had been waiting for our lives to be at a point where we were ready to make it official. We went away for a weekend to a cabin in Montville and it was a nice relaxing quiet weekend away. Kurt made brunch on the Sunday morning and chose that moment to pop the question.

Tell me one thing you love most about each other

J – I love his zeal for life and his energy – he is very driven to achieve his goals and he always tries to make the most of things. He balances out my realism (he might call it pessimism hehe).

K – I love her laugh – especially when she’s laughing at something dumb I’ve done and can’t stop herself from laughing at me.

Besides getting married — what was the one thing you are looking forward to on your wedding day ?

Showing off our first dance – we have been having lessons and are excited to show everyone!

What’s your favourite trend for weddings right now ?

I don’t really follow trends, but I’d probably say that I love people making the most of their smaller, intimate weddings during this tough time and rolling with the restrictions as they ebb and wane. 

What inspired your decor or themes ?

I wanted simple but not minimalist, so I tried to hit the balance between the two. I also tried to balance between classic and modern, picking aspects from both themes that we love. 

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