Braeside Chapel Wedding Photographer – Kirsten & Luke

Tell me how you first met? Met when Kirsten did uni work experience at Luke’s work, June 2011. Once the fortnight finished a group agreed to meet up the following week. Luke was the only one that showed up, so ended up going to sushi train, then continued seeing each other from then on.


When did you know he/she was the one? Was there something he/she did ?. etc. Kirsten – One day Kirsten cooked up a meal for her two girlfriends to come over that night for dinner but they both cancelled being too hungover, so, Kirsten rang up Luke telling him this story and came over for dinner instead

Luke- When Kirsten went to American for a month without Luke. We both missed each other a lot and the heart grew fonder.


Tell me about the proposal. Did you see it coming , how long was it in the planning? , how did you feel ? nervous, excited, freaking out ? Luke proposed to Kirsten on our 5thanniversary at home.  Filled the house with candles and rose petals and cooked a lovely meal.  Kirsten played her netball grand final before this and came home with a broken wedding ring finger.  Luke still went through with it, proposed using a photo book with all of our photos of the last 5 years and asking on the last page.  The ring didn’t fit that week and ended up being too big so got resized when the swelling went down.

Kirsten just thought Luke had absolutely outdone himself for their 5 year anniversary and didn’t see it coming

Luke – planning for 12mths, felt very nervous asking Kirsten’s Dad on a boat after I broke one of his fishing rods… I think he was expecting it because he cut me off to my relief and said yes of course. I took photos whilst camping Easter time (7 months earlier) to form part of the final page. Each weekend and weeknight Kirsten would ask me what I was doing and I called it Project Kirsten, it was my default response for her to not investigate any further.


What inspired your decor or themes ? Instagram


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