Newsha & Reza

Thailand destination wedding photography


Tell me how you first met?  We met at a friends house, there were 10 boys having a matehood gathering and only me, they invited me because they thought I was the most tomboy girl who could have possibly even be a boy. We met at that gathering. And became best friends.

When did you know he/she was the one ? Was there something he/she did ?. etc. We both were in a relationship with other people when one night at a friend’s house he entered the party and I couldnt see him as my best friend any more. I dont know what happened but at that very moment I knew we will be together. For him, he said he always knew I was the one and was waiting for the right time to come so we could appreciate one another.

Tell me one thing you love most about each other I love his caring nature //   He loves my strong and caring personality.

What’s your favourite trend for weddings right now? I don’t follow trends, our wedding is going to be unique and special. ?


What did Newsha say about my photography?

“We met Mario last year when he captured my sister’s wedding. After seeing my sister’s photos I knew I was going to have him as my photographer too. We were so lucky that he travelled from the Gold Coast to Phuket to capture our wedding. Having a great photographer is an investment because all that will remain from your wedding is your photo album, and you want that to be perfect. Mario is very very talented, super funny, very skilled, knows how to calm the situation, super professional, and knows all the great angles for the photoshoot. His photos are vibrant and natural. I recommend Mario to any bride who is lucky enough to come across his website. You are one lucky bride to be if he is capturing your wedding.”


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